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At FCI we use modern equipment and proven methods to create a scale diagram of a crash scene. This diagram is later used in both calculations and courtroom presentations.


Most modern vehicles are equipped with airbags and other occupant restraints. Many of these systems have the capability of recording vital information in the seconds leading up to a crash. This information can be accessed and provide vital insight into the events just before the crash.


FCI staffs a FAA licensed drone pilot and can often take aerial photographs and video from a crash scene. These pictures can be invaluable for looking at evidence in the roadway. The drone can also be used to create a 3D model which is an excellent courtroom demonstration.


Sometimes evidence of a crash covers hundreds of feet, sometimes the evidence is very small. FCI can take high-resolution photographs of the largest or smallest pieces of evidence. These photographs are suitable to be greatly enlarged for display.

The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then how about a video? Often for court the final product is a computer generated 3D re-creation of the crash itself. By looking at the re-creation from different positions, we can show what an involved driver saw, the point of view of a witness, and any vision obstructions and what effect they may have had. FCI takes the physical evidence from the scene, then uses the latest software to create these video exhibits.

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